I dabbled in music, and used an old program called midigraphy on Mac OS9 to input notes with a mouse. When you see how complex the music is, you'll see why that matters.

In college, I would spend many days working in the computer lab, writing music. This stuff was written perhaps 14 or more years ago, having just sat in my various computers during that time.  Astro Logic is my friend Kris Uzzell, and our mutual interest in Chiptune sparked my love for writing music once more.

After researching, I bought the last possible Mac laptop that natively runs Mac OS9; the model I bought came running some variant of Mac OS X, and it was quite a challenge learning how to downgrade. I wrote a how to, in case anyone wants to give this a shot.

After firing up Midigraphy and after a time ultimately failing to harness the wonders of my very uncertain MidiNES/Mac OS9 partnership, I revisited some old songs in their original format to see how I might integrate them into a new Chiptune/Blues/Rock/Electronic sounding project. 

A midi sketch written by James Soares for the project STARBOX featuring Spires and Astro Logic. To be recorded with musicians and partially rearranged to include LSDJ and Midines for live performance. 16-Bit sounds generated by Quicktime on a G4 laptop using midigraphy and Mac OS9, by programming each note using a mouse.

Midigraphy all day/night long

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