Perfect for the seasons, Spires has designed one piece that can be broken into a series of 4 geometric hybrid landscape illustrations featuring a dominant flat color and flavor of popsicle.

A Fresh Approach

A new attempt to mix illustration style with Spires' signature isometric pattern, these designs eliminate texture in favor of flat vector graphics. Gradients, compositing and illustration create depth, instead of heavy reliance on shadow, highlights and texture.

Conceptually, each piece features a season expressed in an abstracted yet Spires' own illustrative visual style. The master image shows the seasons staggered in proper succession.

Knowing that Illustration takes many times longer to finish than standard pattern work, and needing a steady stream of work to release to Society6, I designed the master image around the idea that it could be broken into pieces to create 4 compositionally strong independent works, each with its own dominant color and conceptual theme. The overall design blends the colors using the geometry to create a cohesive whole.

The Year in Popsicles

The Year in Popsicles